THIS CALCULATOR IS NOT A MORTGAGE PRE APPROVAL. This is an educational app I wrote to go along with my other educational materials that didnt require a sign up until YOU were ready to make the next step. I am a Broker and Loan officer in California though, so if you want to get pre qualified for a loan, just fill out out the real loan app or give me a call and we can go through the real process in about 15 minutes! The qualy calculator is meant to give you a rough idea of what you could potentially buy, and what your payments would potentially be. For a real approval, we actually have to varify the info you provide. Check out my videos in the 'Helpful videos' tab for even more information on how the mortgage loan process works! 

I have no affiliation at all with Credit Karma or Zillow. They both just offer good and useful products which is why they are used as additional resources on this site.

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